A beautiful garden does more than add value to your home or business premises. Your customers, visitors, guests will instantly feel welcomed.

Our service includes Planning, design, fertilizing and irrigation. Landscaping service we design and implement it to make sure the art of landscape is kept clean, healthy, safe and attractive. We provide you with maintenance service.

Securec Group is dedicated in ensuring that your garden is hassle free, leaving nothing behind but beautiful. We believe that best result come with long term maintenance and care. Our qualified designers will work with you to understand what you want your new/ existing garden to achieve and the look you require.




Some Of The Services We Provide Regarding Garden Services:

  • Flower shrub and maintenance
  • Lawn moving, trimming
  • Weed control in lawn and pray
  • Hedge cutting
  • Garden refuge collection and removals
  • Fertilization of flowerbeds and pots
  • Sweeping paved floors

Our Flexibility

High Quality Service

Securec group's experienced management and staff makes sure that all your needs are met. Determine feasible and fit for purpose services or products will be used, Ensure all customer requirements and contractual obligations are understood. We at Securec group believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. Business Networking and client confidence: We’re working to build our capabilities through our clients and suppliers, to increase our services, and continue widely branding our company.

Satisfied Customers

Sustainability, growth: We are focused on delivering our services, taking all necessary actions, to attain and sustain our growth Quality services: We need to define our target market to major areas. Then, we’ll start marketing to this target aiming at the right industries and going deeper with our clients. Continuously manufacturing, supplying and installing the highest-quality products, sourced locally and contribute to the sustainability of South Africa

High Quality Products

Adding Value: We want to continue to organize our company to make it more efficient and profitable so that both, our clients and our employees can get more out of their time. Our goal is to increase our corporate value. Securec workmanship is precise with state-of-the-art technology sourced and purchased locally and installed by skilled and precise professionals.

We are in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Capetown, Durban and Pretoria

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